November 18, 2022

Nathan White / Gestalt / Linear Systems

Contax 645 - Lacey Milling Co.

In a past life you may have known him as "Pippy" on the paintball field. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out his name was Nathan when he started making appearances at the field again. Back when Air Warriors was known as Paranoid, Nathan was one of those kids who lived there every weekend, playing for a couple of the most standout teams from the region; all the while having fun with it-- I remember him as the kid who would play in a white shirt with a huge target spray painted on it.

Hey hey! I'm Nathan, and I DJ under the moniker 'gestalt dj'. I have couple radio shows that I play music on in Europe and throw shows here in the states. I spend all my money on records, and DJ primarily vinyl records on turntables. I do all the flyer artwork for my shows, and am passionate about having a direct hand in my artistic ventures. I'd like to one day run a record label and travel to play in clubs, anything that lets me play dope tracks on big sound systems in cool club spaces. I'm going to get a BBC Radio1 Essential Mix one day, just watch... 🙂  find me on Instagram: @ricky_gelato. for bookings, email contact: Always taking bookings and artwork commissions too!

Name some of the teams you played on back in the day.

I played back in the 7-man days, running with the Team Rip squad out of Fresno, starting my paintball career with their Young Guns team in 2006. I then played with Half Baked Kidz (HBK) the following season in the XPSL series in the Rookie division, getting 2nd place at our first event.

Most memorable paintball moment.

Playing D3 at Huntington Beach 2007. Made it to Sunday, ended up getting 11th in the division for the tournament. At one point on Sunday we played the New Jersey Jesters, a team I followed on PbNation. One game I managed to get up to their end of the snake and shot 3 or so of their players in the back along the way. It was pretty quiet at points during the game when I was in the snake, and I heard someone on the sidelines at the fence say "wow that snake player is pretty good." Feels good, man haha

Last tournament you played.

I think a one-off NPPL event with a team from the east coast. We did okay, didn't make it to Sunday. My paintball career kind of tapered off and I never really got closure. I still have my gear, though...

What was your first big introduction into this music scene?

I went Warped Tour in 2006 with a friend and his older brother, and the older brother's friends. I was hooked. Lot of good bands that year. Ended up going to a lot of hardcore/metal shows in Fresno with some paintball friends the following year, and would go to a couple shows a month all throughout high school. I was very lucky. Got to see how a music scene works as a youngster, how to conduct yourself at a show/concert. Stuff you can't learn in school haha. By the time I was 18 or 19 years old (2010/2011), I was kind of tired of the aggressiveness and violence at hardcore shows, and I went to Beyond Wonderland in 2011 (Noisia, Datsik, DJ Fury on the lineup) and opened me up to a whole new world of music culture. Big sound systems, drum machines and synthesized sounds.... The rest is history.

Contax 645 - Lacey Milling Co.

You used to run a blog back in the Tumblr heydays that picked up a lot of traction. What events did it cover? What was the motivation behind it? Where is it now?

Ironically for Beyond Wonderland 2011 my buddy won tickets for the event through a blog called 'Global Dance Electronic', and when he met the owner at the festival to get the ticket, they struck up a friendship he ended up partying with us. My buddy was going to UCLA at the time and is a smart cookie, so when he approached the owner about working for him, he naturally was accepted. And from there I was introduced and started writing for them. We covered events mostly in Los Angeles and Southern California, and had working relationships with clubs like Avalon in Hollywood. We did press for lots of shows, which meant we got free entry and +1 guestlists. It was a pretty sweet deal. That being said, the direction the owner wanted to go with blog was more commercial, so in addition to the shows I wanted to go to, I had to cover shows that did not agree with my sensibilities. Over time, the amount of shows and writeups for the things I didn't like started to outweigh the one's I did like, and I felt like I was actually detracting from the music scene by promoting music I didn't like. At some point I had had enough and parted ways. It was amicable though, and my buddy still uses the blog to do some cool international festivals and such, and makes it work. The blog is currently at +200k followers, which is cool to know I was a part of getting them to such a big audience:) Live and let live.

How long have you been at it? Where was your first show? What's the story behind your first set of turntables?

I've been messing around with DJ'ing for about 10 years now. My friends and I got our first opportunity to curate bi-monthly event in Visalia at The Cellar Door in 2014 (ironically I discovered a flyer for our first show the other day in the window of the music shop in downtown Hanford. I even handwrote the date on that flyer myself, how cool!). We had +100 come through for that first show and we even got paid, such an awesome feeling.

I got into vinyl and turntable DJ'ing around the same time, maybe 2016. I was approached by a random guy at a Starbucks one morning in SoCal while I was doing homework, because he saw a sticker on my laptop that said 'Real DJing is not a crime' and told me he had a pair of turntables in his car that he's been trying to sell (I think the guy was there to meet with his AA sponsor, but no judgement haha). We went out to his car and he pulled out two flight cases with red Technic turntables in them. I asked him what he wanted for them, he said $600, and I told him I have $500 in my savings account that I will literally walk over to the bank when it opens and give it to him. We had a deal. We chatted and smoked cigarettes for about an hour while we waited for the bank to open, and weirdly he was also a Pitbull breeder so he had with him honestly the biggest Pitbull I've ever seen. She was super sweet, but definitely a strange situation. Over the next couple years I built up my record collection and I have about 1,000 legit club 12" records in my studio. I may have a problem... haha just kidding, I love it

What is Linear Systems?

Linear Systems is my radio show series that I started at the SFSU radio station in 2019. I basically used it as a branding exercise and since then, have taken it to multiple station across three countries. Its currently in operation via Lahmacun Radio in Budapest, Hungary and 1020radio in Bristol, England. Linear Systems is basically my point of reference for my musical dealings and has allowed me to meet and work with a lot of cool artists.

What is E James Productions and what is your role?

Ethan James Productions is the brainchild of my buddy Ethan (EJ Beats) out of Fresno/Clovis. We do host and curate our own events, but EJ Productions has grown to facilitate the media production of live sets for other DJs and artists, using multiple high-res cameras capture their performance, which we then editing and and do all the post-production ourselves. It comes together as a high-quality product they can use for their own promotions, etc. Ethan has taken the setup to Los Angeles at cool places like Pirate Studios in Echo Park. I do a lot of the graphic design and editing for our projects, and together we've gotten some cool results. We're trying to build a brand that extends passed the cookie-cutter video streams that have become commonplace. Him and I jive together on a lot of the same interests, so I'm really excited to see where it goes.  

October 11, 2022

Dylan & Sarah Mahaffey

Recently had the privilege of photographing an intimate wedding celebrating Dylan and Sarah Mahaffey.

Many thanks to them and their family for inviting us into their space, their trust in our abilities, and for the unlimited tacos.

Another big thank you to my second shooter, Reynaldo, for backing me up on the digital end.

My goal is to work alongside my friends in a field we’re geeked out about for amazing human beings. This wedding checked all the boxes.

August 24, 2022

NXL Sacramento 2022

NXL Sacramento was one of those events I wouldn’t have made it up to if it wasn’t for a Day-One reaching out with some work.

I headed over with a stupid budget; stayed in a hostile for $40/night & limited food to whatever was in the ice chest on day one.

On day two a friend covered a full dinner.

On day three a colleague gave me a solid lead.

I’ve got good people around me.

Hug your friends, say what’s up, meet new people, keep in touch. 

Alexandra Koster (Nikon D500)
Q-Ball (Nikon D500)
Cayson facing the sun (Nikon D500)
Kristina Webb (Nikon D500)
Holdener #44 (Minolta TC-1)
Thomas Taylor did his share of coaching that weekend (Minolta TC-1)
Ed Dizon & Arnold Francisco (Minolta TC-1)
Mechanical division teams waiting to get on (Minolta TC-1)
Squll (Minolta TC-1)
Starlord (Contax 645)
Verbhal - The first to hit Instagram Reels w/ photos (Contax 645)
Bruna Resende (Contax 645)
Michael Williams (Contax 645)
Kyle Baran (Contax 645)
David Vazquez (Contax 645)
Justin made his debut on the Pro Field (Contax 645)
The Legend, Stretch (Contax 645)
The inimitable SAR (Contax 645)
Rufino and Miss Jenny (Contax 645)
Leftovers, a throw together team who podiumed (Contax 645)
Fraxure Family (Contax 645)

February 22, 2021

Community: Kendra Lopez

I first noticed Kendra Lopez; a Fresno native, Fresno State and FIDM alum, when KSEE 24 ran a story on 9372 Run, a local running community based in downtown Fresno. Turns out she was a key factor in making that happen

Lopez came back up to Fresno about a year and a half ago after spending nearly a decade in the Pico-Union neighborhood immediately west of Downtown Los Angeles. In the last few months Kendra has started her own running group, Fresno Art Run which recently partnered up with The 559 Mural Project, created Central Valley Community Cookouts— a community cookout inspired by Heleo Leyva, was selected to become a brand ambassador for Brooks Running “Run Happy Team” for 2021, and set up a personal creative outlet called My Day In Fresno.

During her time in L.A. Kendra wore many hats; a student at FIDM, retail worker, cleaning AirBnB’s, brand ambassador, visual merchandiser at Macy’s, marketing coordinator for a large Kombucha brand— and in 2011 discovered the “DTLA Running Group” through which she helped grow by hosting an additional night introducing a “snails pace” group option for new runners to ease them in at a pace that was comfortable for them. On top of that, Lopez was taking photos and helping run the group’s Instragram account, organized social events to bring everyone together, and was a main leader of contact for information on all things DTLA for people new to the area and for those visiting. Additionally, on the non-profit, front Kendra helped launch the Team Homeboy Industry Back On My Feet chapter in L.A. and knows first hand how running can create a community that offers compassion, hope, and the empowerment of individuals.

Coming Back to Fresno

What prompted you to come back to Fresno?
I felt like I experienced everything I needed to, I was in starting my 30’s and really just wanted to be close to home and slow down a bit! I needed to gather myself and understand what my new evolving identity would be and how I could use my skills in my hometown! 

What do you hope to accomplish in Fresno?
Just really expose all that we have to offer whether it’s our running culture or unraveling how unique it is and share it with others. And hopefully really share my insights and background to help elevate the conversation whether in marketing the running community involvement and be a resource to others!

Fresno Art Run

What is/what birthed Fresno Art Run? & when did it begin?
Fresno Art Run started September 3rd  by running to the “Fresno Proud” mural specifically starting on the east side to show the community that we can run/walk into downtown to see art. 

What is FAR’s goal?
Exploring different pockets of Fresno with the goal to promote health and wellness while exploring Art (murals/architecture/churches/landmarks).

Central Valley Community Cookouts

Inspired by Heleo Leyva, Central Valley Community Cookouts is a community driven movement aiming to provide a hot gratitude meal to essential farmworkers as a way to thank them for their hard work. 

In its inaugural event that took place early December of last year in rural Selma they were able to provide 150 meals, PPE, socks, beanies, clothing donations, and resources for health coverage. 

When it came to gathering items like hats and gloves for the cold weather, Lopez says she posted a call to action on social media. She also partnered with Ricardo Castorena from [Binational Central California], an organization that provides education on COVID along with PPE to farm workers in the Valley (Bolanos). Another notable mention, Castorena takes on a large role with MLTV Movimiento Latino, who’s focus is to entertain the central valley and promote awareness to those that don’t often receive the resources necessary to thrive in our society 

CVCC’s goal is to have 4-6 cookouts from a grassroots efforts in rural towns that are underserved.

A third cookout has already been scheduled to take place on Friday Feb. 26th in Del Rey

We had a generous vendor who sold Tamales to fundraise for two causes she believed in. She donated half of her proceeds to the next cookout. Since she is from the small town of Del Rey I worked with our contact to make it happen in Del Rey. Community giving back to community and I’m just the connecting piece that will pull it all together.

At this time, CVCC is the only satellite of Leyva’s Community Cookouts which is originally based in East Hollywood.

Brooks Running

What is your connection to Brooks?
I started wearing Brooks 5 years ago. I love the styles and I feel they provide the most comfort and support for me.

I fell in love more with them when I ran the New York City marathon and seen that they did a exclusive show design for Des Linden, a badass female runner.

What does it mean to be a part of the Run Happy Team?
I seen the “Run Happy” opportunity in October and was so inspired that they are looking for runners to share the brand and be a part of the Run Happy Team nationwide. 

I applied and didn’t think anything about it until I found out after Christmas. 

For me Run Happy is sharing my happiness for running and art here in the valley. Putting Fresno and all that we have here and sharing it. Showing that we can run in areas not common and explore with others.

What do you like most/appreciate most about Brooks?
Being that the pandemic was tough on a lot of us I felt that if running can make you feel a little normal do it. Show how happy and good you feel by having the opportunity/space to explore art locally and push yourself and feel better!

I appreciate how inclusive Brooks is. As a female Latina in her 30’s not typically seen as a commercial runner they are investing in runners that are shaking up things in communities all over the country! Having an opportunity to identify with fellow runners of all backgrounds really inspires me to in return “not be pushy of the brand to others” but have a genuine conversation of how I relate and love the brand!


As a creative, what are your creative goals for 2021?
As a creative I hope to really learn how to use a professional camera. I’ve had the opportunity to capture the city on a run and would love to work on a couple of projects that are a representation of Fresno. Hoping to take some of my iPhone 6 shots to print to showcase some historic images that may no longer exist due to the gradual changes of the city. 

My creative goal. Would be collaborate locally to see if we can see a “movement mural” that is representative of health and wellness in Fresno. So many people walk, run, bike I would love to see a mural representing the time of change. To encourage others to get active.

Other Goals

You have a wonderful idea for a non-profit. What is it?
Have a running group similar to the “Back on My Feet” chapter here in Fresno. With the Poverello House, Union Rescue Mission, or US Vets. If not something similar to the model. 

It uses running to help members transition from homelessness, addiction, or other issues. It helps people through health and wellness and provide a structure as they go through their specific programs. Giving them the skills and confidence to work on their health and wellness while being accountable and learning along the way!

A Message From Kendra Lopez

“If you could experience your town on foot. See what local businesses exist, share your finds with your community. Inspire your kids, and youth that it could be cool to get active and enjoy safely all that we have around.

If you left and came back and learned something share it with the town that raised you. You’d be surprised how much of a difference you could make whether big or small. Keep on pushing, and reaching. If it does not exist create it. It only takes one person to show up.”


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February 8, 2021

Pet Photography

Something I enjoy doing is wandering around with a film camera and taking pictures of scenes and people who catch my eye. Having a camera on hand in the street is a bit of an all-access pass when it comes to interacting with strangers, and for whatever reason it also manages to shake away the shy.

The image above took place in downtown L.A. I had arrived early to an event so to kill some time I took a couple laps around a few blocks. The dog and human were doing the same thing; except they were both at work— meeting cars in the middle of the street and handing them boxes of goods. The two were an extension of each other. Not having any pets growing up it was this moment where I first noticed the human-pet relationship out in the urban wild.

Months later, a friend showed me something they found on Pintrest; a studio portrait of a human interacting with their fluffy friend, and asked if I would be up for recreating it. It genuinely ended up being some of the most fun I’ve had in the studio.

Pets are members of the family. All too often stories come up that start with, "I had a dog who would..." or "our childhood cat had this habit of..." It's important to create portraits that capture the spirit of our furry companions.

December 9, 2020

Audrey Eckroth

NXL Las Vegas 2020 | NorCal Disruption took 1st Place in Division 3.

I first noticed Audrey Eckroth at the Northern California AFPL events playing on a team called Grrl On Grrl. She was fearless and had no problem playing heads up with the opposing guys in the center of the field. When I got a chance to talk to her, I noticed how little attention I had been paying to the tournament scene. Audrey’s story goes deep.

How did you hear about paintball and when did you get started?

I started back in 2006. There was a new paintball field in Lodi called Enemy Paintball and we had three airball fields on super nice grass. Played once and was hooked on it ever since. I would ref on Friday and Saturday then play on Sunday. I started playing six months after my mom died to help bring myself back to life and find something else to love so she wouldn’t be on my mind 24/7.

What are some of the teams you have played for in the past?

I have been on a lot of teams but my main ones were Grrl On Grrl, DMG, Norcal Infamous and Norcal Disruption. I have played from divisions D5-D1. Played on Femmes Fatales for one event and Destiny for a few also. 

WCPPL #2 2020 @ Ambush Paintball Park, Moorepark CA

How often do you play?

I play every weekend sometimes three times a week, but I like doing double weekends. I play has much as possible. I love stepping onto the field and getting stronger and better. It’s my way to escape on the weekends without worrying about anything.

There have been a couple events where I would play in two different divisions in the same day, and a few times I even played on three teams in one day. It’s fun like I said— I love playing as much as I can but it’s tough. I’m always moving and don’t have much time to enjoy it with my team and friends. But it’s doable and I don’t mind doing it sometimes.

On a typical weekend, which field are you at?

I’m usually always at Davis and Fairfield the most with my team Norcal Disruption, but I love going to Capital Edge in Sac and Extreme in Modesto. Love trying out new fields and meeting new people and the way different teams play.

Do you have a role model?

Don’t have just one role model, I have a few, but my favorite I would have to say Scott Kemp and for a girl I would say I looked up to Bea Young when I was new to this sport.

WCPPL #2 2020 @ Ambush Paintball Park, Moorepark CA

How would you describe your style of play?

My style of play is usually up the gut. Usually when a team needs a 50 player  they would contact me and see if I’m free to guest with them. I used to be a D-side player or someone who stays back and lanes but the 50 is so much more fun and I can do so much.

Did the “W” have any influence?

When we had the W on the field that would be my first time doing the 50 moves ‘cause it was super easy to get to but it was always a 50/50 chance one of you would get out. Always caution the 50 when the W was in the game. Kind of happy we had it or I would still be on the D-side and home. Now I’m a killer up the gut.

Do you feel additional pressure competing in a male-majority sport?

First when I was new it was hard to get guys to respect you. After playing for 15 years I think I play like one of the guys and I can keep up with them. most guys are afraid of me now if they see me on the other side of the field and it’s a good feeling. Usually they’ll be like “ball one,” joking around but not anymore. 

WCPPL #2 2020 @ Ambush Paintball Park, Moorepark CA

The league knows you as a player who is effective up the center. How does it feel knowing the other team braces themselves when you line up?

A lot of teams know me for going up the gut but that won’t stop me. I keep doing what I’m doing until they stop me and usually they cant. I usually never get shot off break unless its super open.