NXL Sacramento was one of those events I wouldn’t have made it up to if it wasn’t for a Day-One reaching out with some work.

I headed over with a stupid budget; stayed in a hostile for $40/night & limited food to whatever was in the ice chest on day one.

On day two a friend covered a full dinner.

On day three a colleague gave me a solid lead.

I’ve got good people around me.

Hug your friends, say what’s up, meet new people, keep in touch. 

Alexandra Koster (Nikon D500)
Q-Ball (Nikon D500)
Cayson facing the sun (Nikon D500)
Kristina Webb (Nikon D500)
Holdener #44 (Minolta TC-1)
Thomas Taylor did his share of coaching that weekend (Minolta TC-1)
Ed Dizon & Arnold Francisco (Minolta TC-1)
Mechanical division teams waiting to get on (Minolta TC-1)
Squll (Minolta TC-1)
Starlord (Contax 645)
Verbhal - The first to hit Instagram Reels w/ photos (Contax 645)
Bruna Resende (Contax 645)
Michael Williams (Contax 645)
Kyle Baran (Contax 645)
David Vazquez (Contax 645)
Justin made his debut on the Pro Field (Contax 645)
The Legend, Stretch (Contax 645)
The inimitable SAR (Contax 645)
Rufino and Miss Jenny (Contax 645)
Leftovers, a throw together team who podiumed (Contax 645)
Fraxure Family (Contax 645)